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Mission 1:



Observation satellites discovered a promising location on Mars. That location should be suitable for landing as well. Therefore, scientists and engineers should select a convenient location from the satellite imagery. Considering them, they select the landing site, and land!


After the landing, the landing site should be investigated and soil samples should be collected. Collected samples must be taken to the human base on Mars. The astronauts will examine the samples in the laboratory at the base. Then, the samples should be sent to the Earth.


Meanwhile, the connection between the research team on Mars and the Earth has been lost because of an equipment failure due to a solar storm! To communicate with Earth, the team must send the rocket before they miss the launch window. In case this is the only chance for these astronauts to transfer their experience to the Earth, their samples and the findings must be placed into the rocket before the launch! Therefore, the astronauts must be quick at the laboratory. For the rocket that will be launched soon, there are tasks to be done. In order to launch the rocket, samples should be placed, the rocket needs to be refueled, and the launch preparations should be finalized.

Mission 2:


Rocket Crash

The rocket, which was carrying astronauts to the Lunar station on the Moon had a sensor problem, and crashed onto the ground. This accident caused an explosion, and it became a huge disaster for the astronauts. The rover will be used to save astronauts. Astronauts’ life-support systems lose oxygen due to a hole in the suit. The rover should help astronauts to save their time and lives.

The rover knows the position of the wreck. Due to the shrapnel fragments scattered around after the explosion, the video transmitter in the lunar station malfunctioned. Therefore, the rover is all alone. The rover autonomously arrives at the rocket's landing point, and searches the area autonomously to find the astronauts. After locating the astronauts, the rover must access the health status by communicating with the spacesuit. The second astronaut rolled into the nearby crater. The rover must race against time to find the astronaut. After the rover arrived at the Lunar station, the antenna was able to be repaired, and the rover's cameras were usable. One of the astronauts is still in critical condition. The survivor astronaut must save time by delivering the oxygen tank with the help of the rover! To repair the hole on the astronaut's suit, the necessary repair kit must be searched for in the wreckage of the rocket and the astronaut's life must be saved by delivering this kit to the astronaut.

Mission 3:


Time to report

The astronauts, who had numerous challenges due to the solar storm, are finally back home! Now, it is time for them to report their adventures. They should give a presentation. This presentation should include the details of their missions.

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