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ARC'22 Memories

1. Place

The winner of our competition, Scorpio's championship pose with his rover, caught the eye.


2. Place

The proud pose of the Kratos team, which managed to become the second, in front of the flags of our sponsors was worth seeing.


3. Place

With MIST Mongol Barota third, the fact that they staged their flag on the Mars field led to beautiful images.


Those moments that locked viewers into the competition, despite the heat.


Mars Field

We see the successful struggle on the difficult road on the Mars field from our rover candidates.


Reflection of the serious examinations in the dome on our cameras.


Coffee Time

After the competition, it was very enjoyable to meet the Decider between the rovers with coffee.

ARC Team

AND……………….As ARC team, our happiness pose at the end of the competition.

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