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ARC'23 Memories


1. Place

The winner of our ARC'23, team Scorpio, is standing next to their rover, looking proud.

2. Place

The Yıldız Rover Team took second place in the competition and happily received their prizes.


3. Place

The third place belongs to UIU Mars Rover Team this year, and they look incredible in our Mars field with our Judges. 

Moon Field

We see the successful struggle of our rover candidates on the Moon Field.

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Mars Field

Our rover candidates experienced the Mars Field and showed their skills.

Night Mission

Our competitive rovers showed off their skills in the night mission, which was held for the first time this year.

ekip_toplu (1).jpeg

ARC Team

As ARC Team we were happy and proud at the end.

Together With Our Teams

At the end of the competition, teams stand next to their rovers with the ARC team in the competition field.

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