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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

  • Who is organizing ARC?
    Founded in 2021, Space Exploration Society (Uzay Keşif Topluluğu or UKET in short in Turkish) is a non-profit organization formed by rover team alumnis and space sector technocrats from all over Turkey. Anatolian Rover Challenge is one of the projects of UKET, organized by ARC Committee of UKET. UKET also has projects in space related education programs and space law.
  • What does Anatolian in ARC stands for?
    According to Wikipedia; Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor, is a large peninsula in Western Asia and the westernmost protrusion of the Asian continent. Most of Turkey's land ("Türkiye" in Turkish) lies on Anatolia ("Anadolu" in Turkish). Anatolia means "East" in Ancient Greek, which stands as the eastern land of most Roman cities. The name of the competition is established on its position as its planned to move to different cities in Anatolia each year.
  • Our rover is not ready for a video presentation. If we prepare a video presentation without the rover, will it be accepted?
    You can prepare a video presentation without the rover, but when evaluating your presentation, remember that the scoring will be done accordingly.
  • How the submissions are evaluated?
    One jury member evaluates the scoring step for every team. Then this process is repeated by three different juries. Eventually, scores by different juries for each parameter are averaged. Then points are summed to get to the team's overall points on Design Report and Video Presentation Report. Overall scores are used to produce an ordered list and the top teams out of 20 submissions will be selected as the finalists.
  • How to get visa documentation for our travelling teammembers?
    ARC Committee will collect travel information. Every finalist team will recieve their invitation letters including passport numbers and names of travelling members by 12th of June, 2022. Visa application for Turkey can be done online, details are at
  • Do all electronic components on the rover come under the electronic and power subsystem? For example, will motor drivers come under the electronic and power subsystem or the mobility subsystem?
    Motor power, gearbox, bedding, and drive propulsion system should be in the mobility subsystem. Motor control, motor type, motor efficiency, etc. should be covered in the power subsystem.
  • Does manufacturing of the rover include PCB manufacturing?
    You must include the items directly related with research and development of the rover to shape a better picture for your project management. You should add items however you see fit to increase readability.
  • Can we mount the camera on the antenna?
    It is not allowed to mount the camera on the antenna and see the field from that view.
  • Do high school teams compete with college teams?
    Teams that participate in the ARC must consist of only university students.
  • Do team members have to be from the same institution?
    There can be more than one team from a single institute
  • Does financial assistance from university come under sponsorship?
    It must be written how much the tools on the rover cost, and where these tools are procured from. If these tools were given as a sponsorship, you must write the market price of them, and who sponsored these tools must be indicated.
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