Czech Republic, Poland, and United Kingdom citizens do not require a Turkey visa, but Indian and Bangladeshi citizens do require a Turkey visa.

For additional information:

Indian and Bangladeshi Citizens;

Diplomatic passport holders are exempt from visas. Ordinary, Special, and Service passport holders are required to have a visa to enter Turkey. If you are a valid Schengen member or you have a USA, UK, or Ireland visa (e-visas are not accepted), or a Schengen country’s residence permit, e-visa is enough.

If you are in the e-visa category;

1. enter this website, choose India / Bangladesh, and your passport type.

2. On the date of arrival page, choose the date as a few days earlier than your arrival.

3. On the prerequisites page, confirm all of the requirements.

4. On the personal information page, enter your information, and press “Add a New Person”, if you want to add more people’s information you can continue and enter their data. When you finish, press “Save and Continue”.

5. After you save and continue, you will get a mail which is valid for only 1 hour. Press approve.