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Our Visit to Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center

As the Anatolian Rover Challenge team, we visited the Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center in Bursa. We congratulate the young generation for making the space and aviation industry love and helping them to open a window to their dreams for their future goals. We would like to thank them for helping us during the fun trip to GUHEM.

Since life in space is not suitable for us now, we can do safer missions with autonomous space vehicles. If we can find a habitable planet and make it habitable for humans, it will be a great improvement for humanity. In our competition, we are trying to provide the world's youth with more opportunities and to ensure that they seize this opportunity by building mars and moon habitats to be built in the future. Guhem also attracts attention in the training center he built for the same purpose, increasing the interest of more young people in space and aviation and making them turn to this field. The future is in the skies…


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