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ARC '23 Prize

Last July, Anatolian Rover Challenge (ARC) held its second competition, in an event that brought together space research and rover admirers from across the globe, at the METU Campus, Ankara. Organized by the Space Exploration Society (UKET), ARC set itself apart with its unique focus on Moon, Mars, and night missions.

The competition not only showcased the technical capacity of university teams and their rovers but also emphasized teamwork through a variety of challenging tasks. Beyond the competition arena, participants had the opportunity to explore diverse cities of Turkey, adding a cultural dimension to the experience.

After the challenging and exciting competition, we thought long and hard about this year's reward to our passionate competitive teams.

Now we are clear to announce the news. It's finally happening. ARC Committee on behalf of the Space Exploration Society is proud to submit the award.

First Turkish astronaut, Alper Gezeravcı, carries a postcard on his trip to International Space Station. The postcard has the picture of ARC'23 winner, Team Scorpio with their rover and a list of team members. On the other face, it has an aerial photo of all competitors including teams from Bangladesh, India, Poland, Türkiye in front of their respective rovers the Moon Mars analog sites.

Astronaut Alper Gezeravcı will record a video for our teams from the International Space Station and congratulate the winners from space. And yes, you read it right, postcard will experience zero gravity on ISS, which will fill these space enthusiast minds with enthusiasm.

It also contains the coordinates of the ARC'23 fields. Next time you need directions to ARC sites, adress is up there in space, rotating around the world once every 90 minutes.


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