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About Anatolian Rover Challenge

Anatolian lands, which have hosted hundreds of civilizations, are now hosting a unique space experience. As Istanbul gathers two continents together, imagine a voyage in which you visit earth, moon and mars all together in Istanbul!

The like-like space and robotics competition Anatolian Rover Challenge, prepared as a result of long and careful efforts, is ready now and waiting for your application! Do not miss the opportunity of competing in an end-to-end space experience and be ready on the field on 22-25 July. The competition and rover convention will be in Istanbul Technical University.

In recent years, international robotics competitions between university teams have been getting popular day by day as a result of globalization.

The space rover competitions with the themes of space, robotics, technology and design have also become a preferred concept by university students in Turkey. In light of this ongoing interest, a very life-like rover challenge organization/rover convention, under the name of Anatolian Rover Challenge will be held in July at Istanbul Technical University by UKET. The competition is planned to be repeated every year with different concepts.

Information for Applicants

Application form will be submitted electronically via this website between 17 February - 10 May 2022. Click here to submit your application.

Teams that can show that they are affiliated with any higher education institution can participate in the competition. The size of the teams are flexible, and may consist of undergrad and grad students from different disciplines such as engineering, sciences, design and management.


As the theme of the challenge/convention is life-like experience of space, teams are expected to manufacture working prototypes of their unmanned land vehicle designs and demonstrate the described scenarios on the field within the framework of the rules and usage scenarios announced.

The output of the competition is to gain practical experience in fields such as defense industry, space, geology, planetary science, etc. for the teams that design and produce planetary rover prototypes by considering the concept and scenario.

The rules of the challenge will be declared on the website of the competition,, on 15.02.2022. The jury and evaluation criteria will be announced to all teams applying in the following days.


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